Buying and Selling Second-hand E-Cigarette

Don’t Bother Buying (or Selling) following parts or pieces of an e-cigarette

Beginner stuff
Beginners—don’t try to snag a deal on your first vape. Too many times has a newbie come into a vape shop because they’ve managed to break a SMOK dual-battery mod, or were ripped off on an ancient Asmodus that bit the dust before it ever touched the buyer’s hands. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, let a vape shop help you out. Any local shop near you would be happy to carefully consult with you about your vaping needs, expectations, and preferences. You’re far better off hearing what’s best for you from someone whose job is to help people like you than someone who’s happy to sell his self-perceived old garbage and drive off.

Drip tips
It should be absolutely clear that nobody should be selling or buying used drip tips online. Yes, isopropyl alcohol is a wonderful, purifying chemical compound ideal for your sanitary needs, but honestly, why bother? Even the most expensive drip tips can be bought online not only at a cheaper price, but fresh out of the bag too!

In addition, you’ll find that quite a few beginner vapes are not 510 drip tip friendly. There are some exceptions, such as the Aspire Nautilus 1 and 2, and in some cases there are replaceable parts to allow for a similar experience to replacing the drip tip. Think about it, though—the discounted second-hand price coupled with purchasing a spare part would add up to about the same cost of a brand new tank and/or dripper.

This brings me to my next topic—buying tanks and drippers second-hand is pretty pointless based on their individual price brand new. The only reasonable exceptions would be if a) you’re a collector or b) it’s an amazing deal on a very uncommon, expensive, or limited edition tank or rebuildable atomizer.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but I will anyway. Please don’t buy e-juice on Kijiji or LetGo. Realistically, you have no idea what’s in there. Yes, it’s unlikely that somebody would play out an elaborate (and costly) scheme on you. However, the flavour could contain “ingredients” that seller may or may not be aware of. Diacetyl would be the least of your concerns if you’ve purchased backwater juice flavours made without any understanding of production best practices. Again, it’s fairly unlikely that you would be duped, but why risk putting your body in danger when there are great deals for juice at your local vape shop and online on certified, well-respected community-approved websites?

Get your own batteries brand new from a vape shop. Considering the relatively low cost, and the assurance that they’re straight from the factory, there’s no reason the investment isn’t worth it.

If you’ve just come across one of the more uncommon mechanical mods being sold fifty bucks cheaper, why not go for it? Perhaps you’ll find a regulated mod that’s usually a few hundred dollars being sold for half the price. As long as the mod is in good, working condition, you should be in the clear.

Chargers should be okay, as long as you find one in decent shape. That said, most chargers are relatively cheap, but if you find a premium charger at half the price, it’s a deal worth considering.

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